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hi, the following are some samples of my dj sets. my music includes a mix of trip hop, dub, trance, breakbeat, lounge, world, jazz, ... we like to call it "shackgroove".

the music is in mp3 format.

  sep 13, 2003 (personal favourite!) my set from the chillits 2003 campout at camp'n'sons. world, folk, jazz.
chillits-2003.mp3 (82 min/119 MB)

  oct 6, 2001 (personal favourite!) two of my favourite friends, dan and jen were married on oct 6th. this is a jazz/downtempo set which i spun shortly after the ceremony.
dan and jen forever (60 min/48 MB)

  mar 20, 2001 (personal favourite!) another set i am most happy with. this one was inspired by a bottle of wine and a cat named oliver.
olivum (64 min/92 MB)
  mar 17, 2001 (personal favourite!) a practice set before a bianca party. afro-latin, world beat, some breaks. shackgroove. i am very very happy with this set. it was inspired by my memories of what freeform and jimp spin at burningman and bianca parties.
fluindibism (104 min/140 MB)
  mar 14, 2001 a trip to the desert near joshua tree to dance in the moonlight with the moontribe LA folks cleared my mind and soul, and put me in a most wonderful space. i've been toying with breakbeat on and off and i'm trying to find enough to complete a set. here are two practice sessions.
uzgrunch (20 min/32 MB)
fauna (25 min/40 MB)
  oct 21, 2000 (very poor audio quality) possibly the most fun and satisfying set i've spun yet. afrobeat, latin beat, funk, breakbeat. my goal for this set was to keep folks dancing while showing the variety of music that we call shackgroove. my set ends 10 minutes into the second mp3 (there's some good stuff we didn't record, darn). todd's great set follows mine.
shackgroove_1 (74 min/74 MB)
shackgroove_2 (74 min/75 MB)
  jun 9, 2000 part of a set i spun at a friend's party. at the time i felt like this was one of the best sets i've spun in ages ... and lots of folks were congratulating me on it and all that. but when i listen to the recording of it it sounds completely different :) ha. you should check out todd's set from the same party, it has a lot of good dubtrance.
dean_textures (72 min/70 MB)
todd_textures (72 min/70 MB)
  may 14, 2000 after a day of hiking in the rain i came home and produced this set.
unim (60 min/86 MB)
  apr 21, 2000 i had a "social interaction experiment" at my apartment this friday, and lots of good music resulted.
experiment (106 min/145 MB)
  apr 17, 2000 sort of a breakthrough for me, not really sure how to explain it. this mix comes from the day after da's birthday party.
daday (45 min/67 MB)
  mar 5, 2000 this downtempo mix set was created following the No On Knight benefit party thrown by several bay area dance collectives.
no-on-knight (93 min/89 MB)
  dec 13, 1999 i had a wonderful time spinning at kristie's birthday party, unfortunately i didn't catch that on tape. a day later though i was still inspired and produced my second downtempo mix tape. this was originally recorded on cassette.
dahlia-sideA (45 min/43 MB) dahlia-sideB (45 min/42 MB)
  feb 28, 1999 i danced to psytrance all night at a CCC warehouse party. i came home in a wonderfully lucid state, and made my first downtempo mix tape. this was originally recorded on cassette.
ccc-sideA (45 min/42 MB) ccc-sideB (45 min/42 MB)