dean's software

$Id: software.html,v 1.1 2006/11/11 04:55:36 dean Exp $
  • many patches for different pieces of software.
  • many scripts from my personal bin directory.
  • randomio is a multithreaded random disk i/o microbenchmark.
  • flodo is a network flow sampling/reporting tool.
  • clamodo and spamodo are simple clamav/spamassassin/qmail integration tools.
  • mod_iptos is an apache-1.3.x module which lets you set IPTOS traffic shaping bits depending on the filesize/directory.
  • mod_randint is an apache-1.3.x module which generates a random RANDINT environment variable useful for use with mod_include scripts.
  • mod_sockopts is an apache-1.3.x module which allows you to control TCP_DEFER_ACCEPT and SO_RCVBUF on the listening socket.
  • simple-proxy.c is a trivial tcp proxy which properly handles bi-directional data transfer and half-closed sockets.
  • circular.tar.gz is a circular buffer useful for capturing the tail end of copious output (i.e. the tail of strace or tcpdump).
  • many of my own modified debian packages.
  • instructions for running rdiff-backup in an automated unattended manner.
  • an implementation of SHA1 and SHA256 using SSE2.
  • directions for running linux on an ancient thinkpad 560.